Distribution & Market Expansion Services

Product positioning is crucial to FMCG  – it all comes down to when/where/how your products are positioned to ensure the success of the product.

We do :

  • Market Feasibility Study (MFS)
  • License Application and FDA Application
  • Understand and work into the buying process of various Channels listed as follows :
    • Pre Sales
    • Van Sales
    • Horeca (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias/ Cafés)
    • Modern On Trade
    • Wholesales
    • Consumer Value Store
  • Branding & Product Promotion
  • Distribute products in the territories suitable for the product After MFS and discussion with Principal,
  • Take orders via Pre and Van Sales from the resellers and ensure fast and quality delivery of products
  • Organise field level marketing activities such as in store displays and samplings and various promotions from Modern Trade.
  • Assist in minimising consumer complaints as well as resolving them

We value add creating a one stop solution by including the following into our Distribution services :

  • Trade Finance
  • Logistics Services including Freight Movement/ Cargo insurance and trucking.
  • Customs Clearance
  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Credit Collection


With more products under our belt for distribution, we cannot emphasize enough the usage of information usefulness in today’s business.  With the Inception of OnTheGoTM Mobile Sales and Distribution (Pre-Sales) and SAP B1 (Hana) system into our distribution business, it had further enhanced our capability to provide both ourselves and principals opportunity to use the information analysis to upgrade our service to all levels.

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