As an emerging economy, Myanmar otherwise also known as Burma, its also called the Golden Land. According to a report by world bank in 2016, as Myanmar economy recovers from its 2015-2016 supply shock and private investments begin to pick up again, real GDP growth in Myanmar is projected to rise to 7.8% in 2016-2017, and average 8.2% per year over the medium-term.

Coupled with its budding 62 million population covering 7 divisions, 7 states, ELAN is highly optimistic into engaging overseas customers to use ELAN as a platform to tap into Myanmar’s consumer market using our distribution channels.

Our Current Nationwide capillary distribution

  • Leveraging over 16 sub-distributors (partners) to cover nationwide capillary distribution
  • Reach of more than 20,000+ retail outlets nationwide in 2019

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