Liner Agencies & CSA

Under our Liner Agency division, we offer the following services :

  • A competent and experienced team with more than 20 years experience in shipping agency
  • Rapid and thorough access and knowledge to local market condition
  • Regular updates of latest market conditions to assist Principal to formulate strategies to ensure continuous growth
  • Effective costs management to ensure principal enjoy competitive pricing from vendor
  • Market penetration with our coverage
  • Representing 2 CSA air cargo agents – SQ and QATAR (Myanmar)
  • Representing 8 NVOCC Carriers (Myanmar)


We offer vessel owners berthing with the following services :

  • Arranging Pilots and Towage
  • Clearance Through Customs, Immigration, and Coast Guard Documentation
  • Liasion
  • Arranging Chandlers, Bunkers, Fresh Water
  • Security Services
  • Preparation of update as per request of owners
  • Arranging Medical Services and Repatriations
  • Reporting of Information as Required in Voyage or Standing Instructions
  • Bunker fuels and lubricants
  • Communication assistance